Author Overwhelm: How To Cope With Anxiety and Stress

So I totally crashed and burned this week. I'm usually pretty good about pacing myself when it comes to tasks vs. family vs. actually getting some sleep, but daaaaaaaang.

I did not manage myself or my mental health so well this week. Between my two book launches with Marked By Fate and My fair Impostor and then setting crazy goals that ended up not being quite so achievable...and then not sleeping well because of how worried I was about everything...I totally crashed yesterday.

What makes that so awful is yesterday was my husband's birthday so I felt terrible. I just didn't feel as present or as in the moment as I would have liked to have felt. I got to thinking that all of us are going to crash and burn from time to time no matter how well we manage things because life happens and we are human.

So how do we deal, ya know?

I decided to talk about it in my YouTube video. I also shared some things that I use to work through stress, anxiety, and overwhelm. I think these things will definitely apply to everyone whether or not you are a writer. We all need a little help learning how to deal with stress and anxiety at times.

So go ahead and check out the video above or click on the link below to hear what I have to say on the subject. 

How to handle stress and anxiety.

Have a fabulous day everyone.