Shearwater by Derek Murphy: A Mermaid Romance

 It's all about mermaid romances. I needed to wind down a bit from rewrites and edits of The Prophecy, the fourth book in The Healer series. I was looking to read something different and suddenly I was channeling my inner mermaid. (Come on now. You know we all wish we were mermaids) I stumbled upon Shearwater by Derek Murphy and fell in love with it. Doesn't it look inviting?


Someone is trying to kill me.
When my parents died in an accident, they left me like a piece of furniture to a grandfather I never knew existed. In Ireland. As if moving halfway around the world wasn't bad enough, I soon learned my mother had left behind some unresolved drama - dark secrets that were screaming to be uncovered. And then there are the things I can't explain. Strange things keep happening around me. Happening to me. Is it because of Sebastian, the golden-haired stranger who showed up in town at the same time as I did? Or Ethan, the kid locals whisper plays with dark magic?

Maybe both. Maybe neither. But someone is definitely out to get me, and I need to figure out why, and fast... because I'm discovering powers of my own. Powers that I can't contain. And no matter what I do or who is to blame, if I don't discover the real reason my mother fled Ireland, more people are going to die.

And they're going to kill us all.

I loved this book soooo much. Here is the short review I posted for it on Amazon.

"Loved it. LOVED IT! This book is filled with intriguing mythology, history, Irish culture, and delicious romance with a hint of mystery and suspense woven in. In other words, what's not to love here folks? Derek Murphy's voice gives even more depth and complexity to the narrative and his characters are engaging, likeable, mutli-layered, and at times, completely mysterious. The pacing and development are wonderful, and the dialogue invites and entertains. Couldn't put it down. I highly recommend this book to lovers of fantasy, mythology, romance, and paranormal yumminess."

Grab it now folks.  Just click
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Derek Murphy has spent the last decade living abroad and seeking out all the magic and adventure the world has to offer. Much of that time he's been an award-winning book designer and artist; now he's committed to writing YA fantasy novels of his own. He also just finished his PhD in Literature, and loves weaving mythology and history into his stories to make readers question the boundary between reality and possibility.

In 2016 he'll rent a castle for Nanowrimo and hopes to publish 10 young adult novels. If you enjoy urban and dark fantasy, scifi and technothriller, postapocalyptic and dystopian fiction, you can get all his books for free on his fiction blog,

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