“Difference” by Cindy Savage

  1. Difference

  2. One Moment

  3. Same Old Love Story

  4. Did I Imagine

  5. Heart On My Sleeve

  6. Cares of Yesterday

  7. Just No Forgetting You

  8. Blessing My Life

  9. Here Am I

  10. Only the Savior


I Want You Back




You Matter To Me

Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay


Let You Know


A Tisket A Tasket


Go Now

(Tie's song from the ebook: The Healer)

Your actions don’t match your words
One day you’re in love with me
And then it’s “we’ll wait and see”

  It seems like you’re over me
And then we can’t be apart
You just won’t release my heart

I live for those moments in your arms
The way your eyes take me in
But I’m wondering as those moments start
Will this happen again?

If you’re already leaving 
Why don’t you get on with it
Just get on with it
Cause I’m already bleeding
Oh please just get on with it
Get on with it
Take me or leave me
Figure it out
If you’re gonna be gone anyhow
Go now

You use words like Maybe now
It keeps me from moving
When all your emotion's gone

You like to say If a lot
There isn’t one single string 
To keep you here next to me

  I guess it’s my own fault I can’t stop
You’re so easy to believe
And even when my hope seems to drop
I still want to breathe you in


My heart keeps beating
while your hearts retreating

and soon I'm losing you