The Healer Series

One god's love will heal my heart. Another god's love will heal humanity.

From USA Today bestselling author, C. J. Anaya, comes an epic saga of love, betrayal, and the ultimate battle between good and evil.

So I can heal people. Sounds cool in theory. Feels great when I can actually swing it. Unfortunately, my dad is all about keeping a low profile and healing folks only when it's absolutely necessary. I suppose that's best even though I'm super sick of hiding what I can do, especially from my best friend Angie.

I think I might have royally screwed up, though. Someone has been following me for weeks, and there are two new guys at my school who act like they know me, asking me pointed questions about my work at the hospital and how I "help" people. Tie and Victor may say they're seniors in high school, but they don't play the part so well.

I should stay away from them. It would be the safe thing to do.

But if I play it safe, I'll never find the answers I'm looking for...
...and I'll never understand this connection I feel to Tie.

The Paranormal Misfits Series

It's not every day your fated mate targets you for assassination

A lonely foster teen meets a Fae warrior on assignment.

Crysta is freakishly different, never quite fitting in with her various foster families. Her shocking looks and creepy powers scare off potential friends, and her otherworldly presence tends to attract unwelcome and dangerous admirers. Now that she is finally on her own, her plan is to focus on dance, trust absolutely no one, and avoid the rest of humanity.

Her plans are shattered when a handsome man breaks into her apartment and declares he’s there to kill her.

But Crysta isn’t afraid she'll lose her life.
She’s far more terrified she’ll lose her heart.


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